Friday, January 29, 2010

Bo Knows

"Mr President, Do you agree or disagree, that you will have success (including bipartisan support) only by governing from the "center right"? Please explain, why or why not? How comfortable are you governing from the "center right" going forward?"

Bo, San Jose

Hey, I'm a Democrat, aren't I?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boy cries 'wolf,' has a few laughs--I forget how it ended.

"On 9/12/60 JFK gave a speech. 'I Believe in an America that is neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish... where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on policy from the Pope... or any other ecclesiastical source.' What happened?"

Orwells Ghost, IN

He won the election, landed Marilyn Monroe on the moon and had sex with Neil Armstrong.

Six Crises

"Have you ever read the book "Capital" by Karl Marx, and do you think it has any relevance in understanding the current political crisis?"

Caleb T. Maupin, Cleveland, OH

If you understand the current political crisis, Caleb, you might have an inkling as to why the president will never answer your question.

Dream Team: or, Arch Rivals

"With our country so divided, would you ever consider assembling a true Team of Rivals, such as President Lincoln did? True rivals, in key positions."

brodiepollard, park city, utah

I read that Doris Kearns Goodwin book too, but come on. Do you think I want to get shot?

I Can't Tell You Why

"Why is it that I feel my tax dollars are wasted? The $60 BILLION dollar Medicare fraud featured on 60-minutes and is case in point."

FocusRon, Las Vegas, NV

60 Minutes? It's because you are old.

Pledging My Love

"Why is it that the man has to pay the woman in well over 98% of divorce cases? And when a mother won't let the father see his kids, why does the man still have to pay child support for the kids he doesn't get to see? Don't you think this is unfair?"

Johnny Ace, Cerritos, California

Sorry you and Mrs. Ace couldn't work things out. Oh, and by the way: I thought you were dead.

Sen. Pervert (D-NY)

Ask-the-President is back.

"Mr. President, removing political party tags on television would allow the viewer to listen to the persons opinion rather then judge it strictly based on their political party. Do you think this could be a small step in bringing the counrty together?"

Mike M, Arkansas

I'd be happy if they could just get the tags right.