Friday, January 29, 2010

Bo Knows

"Mr President, Do you agree or disagree, that you will have success (including bipartisan support) only by governing from the "center right"? Please explain, why or why not? How comfortable are you governing from the "center right" going forward?"

Bo, San Jose

Hey, I'm a Democrat, aren't I?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boy cries 'wolf,' has a few laughs--I forget how it ended.

"On 9/12/60 JFK gave a speech. 'I Believe in an America that is neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish... where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on policy from the Pope... or any other ecclesiastical source.' What happened?"

Orwells Ghost, IN

He won the election, landed Marilyn Monroe on the moon and had sex with Neil Armstrong.

Six Crises

"Have you ever read the book "Capital" by Karl Marx, and do you think it has any relevance in understanding the current political crisis?"

Caleb T. Maupin, Cleveland, OH

If you understand the current political crisis, Caleb, you might have an inkling as to why the president will never answer your question.

Dream Team: or, Arch Rivals

"With our country so divided, would you ever consider assembling a true Team of Rivals, such as President Lincoln did? True rivals, in key positions."

brodiepollard, park city, utah

I read that Doris Kearns Goodwin book too, but come on. Do you think I want to get shot?

I Can't Tell You Why

"Why is it that I feel my tax dollars are wasted? The $60 BILLION dollar Medicare fraud featured on 60-minutes and is case in point."

FocusRon, Las Vegas, NV

60 Minutes? It's because you are old.

Pledging My Love

"Why is it that the man has to pay the woman in well over 98% of divorce cases? And when a mother won't let the father see his kids, why does the man still have to pay child support for the kids he doesn't get to see? Don't you think this is unfair?"

Johnny Ace, Cerritos, California

Sorry you and Mrs. Ace couldn't work things out. Oh, and by the way: I thought you were dead.

Sen. Pervert (D-NY)

Ask-the-President is back.

"Mr. President, removing political party tags on television would allow the viewer to listen to the persons opinion rather then judge it strictly based on their political party. Do you think this could be a small step in bringing the counrty together?"

Mike M, Arkansas

I'd be happy if they could just get the tags right.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wherever you go, there you are

"If the auto industry carried their own loans, they would not have financial problems."
Brett, Phoenix

Oh, I see what you did there

"What are you gonna do a couple of months down the road when they ask for more money?"
obama bin laden, america's greatest threat

Also, why all the pot questions?

"Who selected the topics for the questions? What about taxation, national security, corruption in Congress, campaign reform, etc...? Why isn't there even an "Other" topic?"
Robert, Texas

Everybody Say HOA

"One of the fast growing sectors in its ability to create jobs is solar panels. What is not known is that most Home Owner Associations prohibit solar panels. Why is there a federal law allowing "tv dishes" in HOAs, but not one for solar panels?"
Beachtrader, McKinney, TX

Maybe the solar panel companies should create some jobs in the lobbying and bribery industries.

Jam Heavy

"The Current economy is like a sick patient who needs to be nursed back to health before doing a rigorious 5k daily run. How can you jam heavy spending on health care, energy, & education into the budget before nursing the economy back to health 1st?"
sean sanchez, fresno, ca

Great metaphor. Do you know about Couch-to-5k?

You've got the POWER!

"We don't want a hand out just a hand up Get it !!! You have the Power WE GAVE IT TO YOU!! Please Stop wasting our Money, Give us back our MONEY."
MikeAnthony, Maine

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If government was game show

"Why is the government spending MY hard-earned money to bail out US automakers? Bailing out the US Auto Industry assumes that Americans will buy their products. After they've taken my money to ... shouldn't they GIVE me a FREE car?"
smurfy, arlington, va

Trolled for LULZ

"Hello, I am a smallpox patient and I suffer. I would like to know if you will help bail out my car industry I made with my friends. We drive go-karts and if you lend us 1.3 Billion dollars, we will bloom into a great industry with cool karts. Thanks."
polio kid, santa clause ,indiana

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I ride my bike to work

""President Obama, would you consider a national competition for creating or designing a vehicle that can run on 100% renewable energy by the end of 2010?"
tonykarr, Dana Point

Monday, March 30, 2009

He said Hummers

"If a high school drop out can modify a Hummer to run on vegtable oil and get 60mpg, how come the tax system sets up barriers against this technology?"
Fred L, Arlington MA

To keep kids in school, duh.

I'll take that job for $80 an hour

"Executive excess and it's contribution to the financial crisis gets alot of ink these days, but what about the excess of the regular employee? For a forklift operator to get $82/hr plus benefits, a pension, and a 401k seems slightly excessive to me."
tdoyle, Burlington, VT

If that seems excessive, how about looking at real wages and benefits instead of made-up ones?

Friends like Paco Picopiedra

"Mr President,if you gave us (new york) money from the incentive plan,then why is it,that the MTA is raising the bus fare? i mean this is an outraged. Now,if we (taxpayer) gave money to the automakers how come they still have the car prices so high?"
PicaPiedra, Brooklyn, NY

Cruel to be kind

"My brother is gay and was recently laid off from his job in Detroit. What is the government going to do about helping the gay community during the recession?"
smukatelli, o

Trying desperately to keep them from blowing their savings on lavish weddings.

Let me see your papers

"Why won't you release your actual birth certificate, instead of spending millions of dollars to keep it hidden?"
Dantes, Montana

Obama's birth-certificate hiding industry is too big to fail.

Concerning Kellog's

"Will ethanol production really help our extreme dependency on oil? Will my favorite cereal's price become inflated as well?"
Kreston Thomas, Fayetteville, NC

Corn Pops? Yes. Post's Quinoa, Groats and Bark? Hard to say.

Apollo for all!

"Back on July 31, 1971, we sent to the Moon a clean, cost effective form of transportation using tech paid with tax payer's money supporting the efforts of NASA. It is time to give this technology back to the people. YWC"
Hernan Sepulveda, Miami

Will America 2.0 have rounded corners?

"Cars are not being purchased today because they still use gas and oil. Oil is the greatest toxic asset on the planet. Can you start to approve the stimulus money to inventors, like me, who have a new innovative Electric car to put on the roadways?"
America 2.0, Santa Cruz, CA

Hmm… Declining real incomes, a credit freeze that has left folks with fewer financing options, uncertainty regarding the future, a decline in fleet purchases…

No, the real reason is that cars use gas and oil.

Small bills, please

"Mr. President I would like my share of the bail out money to use as I see fit. To buy a car, house or pay off debt. I pledge to use it responsible. If i buy a car it will put people to work. building a house that will take alot of people too"
Terry, Midland Mi.

As would hiring a squad of cheerleaders to dig a pleasure bunker. Aim higher, Terry!

Norse snore

"Mr President, Norway is leading right now with the Hydrogen fuel cell car tech. They have a created a high way the length of Kansas. Please make sure we do not stay behind when we know that water is Aboundant on earth. Fuel cell is safe!"
Isack Returns, Nyc

Yeah, but have you ever been to Kansas?

Reified beans

"Will you please go back to the challenge of a true green car in 10 years just like the challenge to put man on the moon in the 60's? If you make it real, it will become reality."
Scott W, Atlanta, GA

Every fact wrong

"whatobama & Co. have not told the public ; the unions are largely responsible for our economy crashing.$72.00 ph wages; bloated pensions and health and wall street pale in comparison. why are they silent about this 200 lb gorilla"
hhwest, new york ny

Just because Obama has family in Kenya doesn't mean he's an expert on underweight gorillas.

Reagan's revenge

"I am tired of paying for irresponsible people to live like Kings and Queens while I am at work. Why shouldn't people on Welfare and other Government Assistance have to take a drug test and/or be on birth control?"
Jesse Dryer, Grand Junction Colorado

But without Welfare Queens, who will buy our Cadillacs, Jesse?

Sunday, March 29, 2009


"Please evaluate for an international highway & train routes between the US / Canada & Siberia and Hokkaido Japan. These routes would open a new world of travel & jobs for N. Americans, Russians & Europeans. Economic & fraternal benefits would abound."
Richard, Everett, WA

I'm on board.

Good, yet also bad, question

"Is it true that if the American Auto makers are forced to make cars people dont want but the goverment mandates as they no doubt will, they will sink deeper and deeper until finally they close altogether? How would the money be paid back then?"
Jambla, Edmond Oklahoma

There's wrong in every bite!

"In less than 30 years we invented space flight and went to the moon. Our wars and foreign policy problems seem to be increasingly energy-centric and we have had no significant innovation to the internal combustion engine since it was invented. Why?"
SynePDX, Portland, OR

I believe you meant "What?"

It keeps going and going and going

"Dear Mr. President, My company has a lithium hybrid battery that will go a minimum of 100 miles a charge cost effectively and is available for use in 2009. We are asking for contacts outside of corrupt mega corporations to create jobs in the U.S."
Eliz H, Romeo, MI

Union blues

"With all of the Auto Industry companies getting bailouts shouldn't Union contracts be voided because not all Americans believe that we should pay for something that we do not get to use? Not every worker is guaranteed a certain wage with benefits."
Travis, Gibbon, NE

Oh, man, I can't wait to take my ride in Airforce 1. What? I paid for it.

It's not

"In the early 80s I read in a local newspaper that a young man had invented a system that had a big 8 cylinder american auto travel 400 miles on one gallon of gasoline,G.M. paid him off and he died,they bought patent and locked it away, How is that?"
brains53, lincoln park,mi.

Sure, one gallon of gas, and three gallons of orphan blood. The real culprit is the Orphan Plasma Exporting Countries cartel.