Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wherever you go, there you are

"If the auto industry carried their own loans, they would not have financial problems."
Brett, Phoenix

Oh, I see what you did there

"What are you gonna do a couple of months down the road when they ask for more money?"
obama bin laden, america's greatest threat

Also, why all the pot questions?

"Who selected the topics for the questions? What about taxation, national security, corruption in Congress, campaign reform, etc...? Why isn't there even an "Other" topic?"
Robert, Texas

Everybody Say HOA

"One of the fast growing sectors in its ability to create jobs is solar panels. What is not known is that most Home Owner Associations prohibit solar panels. Why is there a federal law allowing "tv dishes" in HOAs, but not one for solar panels?"
Beachtrader, McKinney, TX

Maybe the solar panel companies should create some jobs in the lobbying and bribery industries.

Jam Heavy

"The Current economy is like a sick patient who needs to be nursed back to health before doing a rigorious 5k daily run. How can you jam heavy spending on health care, energy, & education into the budget before nursing the economy back to health 1st?"
sean sanchez, fresno, ca

Great metaphor. Do you know about Couch-to-5k?

You've got the POWER!

"We don't want a hand out just a hand up Get it !!! You have the Power WE GAVE IT TO YOU!! Please Stop wasting our Money, Give us back our MONEY."
MikeAnthony, Maine

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If government was game show

"Why is the government spending MY hard-earned money to bail out US automakers? Bailing out the US Auto Industry assumes that Americans will buy their products. After they've taken my money to ... shouldn't they GIVE me a FREE car?"
smurfy, arlington, va

Trolled for LULZ

"Hello, I am a smallpox patient and I suffer. I would like to know if you will help bail out my car industry I made with my friends. We drive go-karts and if you lend us 1.3 Billion dollars, we will bloom into a great industry with cool karts. Thanks."
polio kid, santa clause ,indiana