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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The only war we can win

"Mr. President,Marijuana Prohibition has done nothing but cause violence and And create a black market. People are dying and we are shoveling money to keep fighting this faild war on a inanimate object .Dont you think its time to Legalize and Tax it?"
Logan, Nobelsville Indiana

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No more AIDS waste

"Cannabis can help relieve pain, eliminate waste from AIDS, alleviate neuropathy, and more. With the current rekindling in science, why are we not letting researchers grow and study marijuana so we can finally end this ignorant prohibition?"
Cameron S, New York, NY


"Erase debt in stages! 4 steps: 1 Get rid of the petro-chemical pesticides 2 Build environmentally friendly built beyond 2 family 3 Convert the farms to organic 4 Convert the ranches to organic HEMP only fulfills all economic requirements."
pgurrieri, Ulster County, USA

I Told U I Was Hardcore

"Marijuan NOW and DAYs isnt something you should get arrested for its NOT HARDCORE its different strenghts and everything.PEOPLE really put hard work into growing a PLANT!. HOW COME we dnt have a buisness like tht? TAX it pre rolled in a BOX.OMG"

I hear Phillip Morris has already trademarked package designs.

For certain values of good

"If Marijuana was legal, would it not put money into good people's hands rather than drug dealers in the streets?"
Rick, Boston,MA

Greeeen jobs

"Should our government decriminilize marijuana, so that millions of new green jobs can be created, such as building fuel-efficient vehicles, and supplying pharmaceuticals for needy medical marijuana patients, and etc.?"
Green Machine, Winchester,Va

The cars will run on weed, man. Weed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tube Raider

""Why are so many people locked up in jails for cannabis when they are being put in jail under a law that was passed in the 30's by a then racist govt."U said yourself it shouldn't be that way....will it Change? You said it yourself on a utube video."

Man, I say a lot of things on Youtube videos.

Our Way of Life

"There are two taxation opportunities that we are missing that seem to be no-brainers. Legalizing of gay marriages so they pay the same taxes as heterosexual couples and legalizing marijuana. What will you do to make these part of our way of life?"

Also, these gay weddings should have open bars.


"Would you consider legalizing Marijuana and Hemp to help boost our economy and create millions of jobs as well as bring billions of tax dollars to the table? Hemp is one of the most resourceful plants on this planet, why aren't we growing it here?"
Josh, Seattle, WA

If hemp is so resourceful, how come it isn't already growing here?